Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Lost

Wrigley official sleeps with us every night. I don't know when it happened but I don't think there is any going back. He is pretty cute when he snuggles into us. Of course he has to sleep right in the middle of us so bed space has been lost to him. I love it when I am up stairs in bed but my husband is still downstairs and Wrigley will come up to bed with me. He is my little cuddle buddy and I do enjoy him with me. When he starts blowing his coat again I may be telling a different story!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

12-20-09 Wrigley

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So it has started to snow here. Not more than a couple of inches each time. The first time out in the snow Wrigley just really wanted to eat it. It wasn't enough for him to have to bunny hop around which I am looking forward to. I did notice a new trait from the snow. Wrigley is enjoy a new treat called poosicles. That's right, his frozen poo has now become a tasty experience or an enjoyable toy for him. Multiple times we caught him picking up the frozen chunks of poo and running around with it. Then I caught him munching on something only to go outside and find that it was poo!

What happened to Shibas hating there own bodily functions. He is suppose to want to run away from his poo and find it disgusting. Instead I have the Shiba that loves to turn around and sniff it and now pick it up and play with it. So Gross! I watch him more now when he goes out so that when I see him go to the bathroom and he turns to smell it I can give him "leave it" so that hopefully he learns that this is not appropriate behavior.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Shiba Scream

Wrigley slept with us last night (Husband brought him up after I fell asleep so I couldn't say no) then woke up around 7:30 and jumped off the bed. I woke Husband up to take him downstairs which he did. Husband game back upstairs and went back to sleep but I stayed up and watched some TV. Around 8 o'clock we heard the horrible Shiba scream.

Wrigley sounded like he was in such pain and he let out two petrified shrieks. Husband popped up and turned to me with a scared look on his face as he jumped out of bed and we both raced downstairs. I was so afraid to see what was wrong but Wrigley just walked to us nonchalantly like nothing was going on. We looked all around for some wire chewed or the newly placed Christmas tree to have a missing light bulb or something. We couldn't find anything wrong and Wrigley seemed to be doing fine but it was such a scare.

I have never seen Husband move so fast in the morning or be so afraid that something was wrong. Now Husband is sleeping on the sofa and Wrigley is outside playing around like nothing happened. I'm realizing just how important Wrigley is to the both of us. I know how much we love him but to see Husband react so quickly to make sure Wrigley was OK really made it apparent.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Slipping and Sliding

For some reason our kitchen floor has become more slick. I'm not sure if it is because I changed my floor wash product to just steam instead of chemicals or if I'm not cleaning it as much as I used to but it has a slippery factor. Not bad for my husband and I but little Mookie (Wrigley's nickname) has a hard time getting his balance.

I first noticed he had a hard time going around our kitchen table to make it to the back door. If he was going any faster than a slow pace he wouldn't be able to get good gripping. Not a horrible thing, he just needs to learn to slow down. Then I noticed that when we throw toys to the kitchen for him to retrieve he would not go to get them. Now I know if your a Shiba owner that seems normal but Wrigley actually loves to retrieve his toys. Since we got him we have thrown things in the kitchen to have him run like a manic to get them. Not anymore though, he just looks at it all sad and goes to find something else on the carpeted area.

The thing that has made the slippery floor difficult is that one time when Wrigley was eating in the kitchen Husband scared him accidentally and he went all crazy trying to move fast but ended up slipping and sliding on the floor. So for the next day he would not go over to his food area. I didn't put it together until I remembered how weird Shibas are and something like that could actually have really bothered him. I moved the bowls over to an area where he could stand on a rug and sure enough he went right over and ate.

These dogs are so sensitive! I forget how if he has one bad experience it really makes him nervous to try it again or to venture out. Like one time when he was playing with his Bob-a-Lot (food dispensing toy) he kinda choked on a piece of food and now he wont play with that toy any more. I have tried multiple times and he still cowers when I bring it out. Moral of the story don't scare your Shiba while they are eating on a slippery floor or you will have to find a new spot for the dishes.